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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today, I don't feel like doing anything...

I'm addicted to getting stuff done. I adore challenges, goals with numbers attached, and ticking off to-do lists. I mean, for the love of Christ, I'm trying to become a badass here.

The bummer is, I'm also a person who is likely to cry or get angry if too tired, hungry, stressed, or if I've spend too long in my own head.

Formulating strategies to stay dry-eyed, clam, and pleasant is a huge part of my study on becoming a badass. Sure, you have to propel your body off a rock and land on skis in unstable snow. Physical challenges are obvious, and often easier than the obstacles we face getting into position to engage in physical feats.  Author, Steven Pressfield, has named the mental blocks the resistance. We confront the resistance when trying to do creative or physical endeavors that challenge ourselves. An object in motion stays in motion, but how do we get in motion? How do we get out the door to the ski hill when it's so cozy inside? How do we face another blank word document that is bound to mock our mediocrity? How do we force ourselves to be better when we've become so damn good at being this version of ourselves?

The answer for me is a multitude of routines, exercises, self-help courses, getting addicted to good habits, and following the discrete voice in my head that says, "Go for it." All of this is often obstructed by a quivering, scared plea: "No! Don't do it! This looks scary!" It's constant work and an unrelenting workout. In a later post, I'll get in to more specifics on tactics for getting shiz done and being a better version of yourself every day.

Good effort will break you down, just as effective workouts push muscles to exhaustion. And I am worked! I'm physically and mentally the equivalent of a wrung out towel, that's dried and crunchy. My juices have been depleted and it's time for one of my favorite treats (outside of jalapeno cheetos. Please don't tell Kris Carr, my health guru.)

Today, I do nothing. Rather, I do what feels like bupkiss. The entire day is devoted to doing exactly what I want, precisely when I want. So far, I didn't make my bed, ate chocolate with my hot water and lemon, meditated, then social mediaed. Spent some time gandering through a Shape magazine. These harmless activities all felt inappropriately good. I can't stop stretching and feel like a dance break may be in my future. Maybe I'll cook or go to the gym. Leaving the house is optional. My entire being is already starting to feel recharged. I feel my ass-kicking power (will power) growing like a muscle. Muscle increases by being torn down, recovering, and as a consequence, growing.

Look! I wrote a blog post and that's been on my list for months. It didn't even feel like work because I don't have to write today. I'm just blogging because I really want to share this concept with you all. Give your will power a break and it will grow bigger. Everything will start to be easier.

Chances are what you really, really, want and need to feel healthy, happy, and energized are ridiculously accessible. Checkout my goody-goody day. A chocolate before noon, some intuitive stretching and writing have been my outlets for recharging. Devote a day to doing exactly what you want at the moment you want it.  Keep your guilt and fear in check by committing to an entire day. An intuitive day will leave you stronger in a whole new way. Promise.