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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goal Accomplished

Goal accomplished. I'm a badass. There is dirt and a twig at the bottom of my laundry bin. My mountain bike is a source of so much pride, it might as well be the latest Mark Jacob's handbag. If something awesome doesn't happen in a day, I know it is my fault for not going out and doing something awesome.

This is is how badass I am now: I don't want to finish this post because I want to go mountain bike.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fashion Crack

Nobody is allowed to give me shit about being some wimpy, clothing obsessed, just likes to party, prissy girl. I will shut you down.

But of course I am.

Even though I've been having to wear mainly dry-wick clothing this summer (def: quick sweat drying), I've been loving seeing other girls around town in sun dresses and sandals. Obviously, I miss my friends in Los Angeles. They greatly contributed to my happiness. I'm not going to bullshit you though, I miss wearing cute dress and shoe combos more than I miss all those great people. Sorry guys. A shoe never talks back.

The thing about Los Angeles is that it makes clothing easy to love. It's almost never too cold for a skirt. If It gets a little chilly, some over the knee boots will warm you up. You are going to want to wear a little blazer to the party, to stay comfortable. Upon entering said party, make an enterance, and make sure the blazer is seen. Remove blazer, hopefully revealing cute flair layer, something fun and flattering. Once the party really gets going, and you are dancing, your over the knee boots push you over the edge of hotness, and you take off the flair layer, revealing a perfect, delicate and sexy underlayer. This must be suitable for the dance floor but possibly too sexy for bright lights. Now, you are simplicity except for your amazing boots. Which is why it's so important to invest in accessories. Oh, the beauty of the outfit.

Los Angeles loves the outfit and I do too. Wyoming doesn't care what the outfit fucking does. Wyoming is cold, unforgiving, and demands ugly practical shoes. Shoes with substantial rubber grip, or it will throw you on the ground and make you squirm like a piggy in an oil slick.

There's gotta be a way to be super cute, creative, and modern with clothing in the deep cold? Right? Well, I can't find it. How do people do it? And still have the outdoor fun?

Somebody help me. My fashion crack source has been ganked by wyoming and I'm about to start twitching in a corner, crying about how ugly I feel and how dry my hair is.

Monday, July 12, 2010

So Excited I Might Pee My Pants

When is the last time you did something so fun that you didn't want to stop, even to pee?

For me, it was about 6 minutes ago. I just got clip-less peddles for my mountain bike. Even though it goes against logic, clip-less peddles are when you clip your shoes onto your peddle. This allows you to pull up on the peddle, as well as the typical pushing down. I've been off my bike for about a week now, because I got the wrong shoes and have been beaten down by some seasonal allergies. Everyday, though, I've dreamed about riding my bike. Excitement isn't as forceful as when I was a child, so I've let life get in the way of getting the right shoes, but today I got them. I got out of the car, immediately put my shoes on, and started trying out my new bike technique. I just couldn't wait! I couldn't go inside to put my belongings away or pee. Excitement took over and had me on the bike, attaching and detaching. Only being able to ride around in a tiny circle on a drive way, since I don't really know how to work the mechanics, I felt 4-years-old again. I practiced until I was about to wet myself.

Now, get out there and find something so fun that you almost pee in your pants. Life's too short to not be having that much fun.