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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Badass Hug

Heart shaped fruit salad, another
great mid-western show of love.
Thanks for the family love!
Every time I return to my birth place, Gurnee, Illinois, I'm struck by the power of a good hug. Most of the hugs I encounter in my daily life are limp, "nice to see you" hugs. Hands gently flutter on each others backs, shoulder to shoulder, making sure no lines of inappropriate body contact are crossed. I'm not saying I want to press my body up against everyone I know, but I would like to give a shout-out to a truly great hug. Here's what a badass, love-giving, soul-enlightening hug feels like.  If you like me enough to read my blog, I like you enough to give you one of these hugs.  Hope our hearts can touch in the future.

A great hug starts in the eyes. You see the person, they see you, and you share an eye smile.  Your smile has taken over so much of your face that it is insisting on also creasing the skin around your eyes into smiles.  The momentum of this connection pulls you toward one another.  Sometimes hands are reaching and open, sometimes they are pressed against the body as you wiggle with excitement.  You simultaneously pull into each other.  Your eyes close.  There is stillness as your hearts press into each other.  You are still smiling and holding each other tight.  You release and each look into each others eyes.  With a hug like this love exchange is palpable.

Thanks to all my family and great friends who have hugged the love into me over the years.  A good tight, unwavering, mid-western hug can keep me glowing for days. Let's save a weeny, flutter hugs for business and blow-offs. Next time I see you, dear friend, I hope we can hug with full-out love and eye smiles.