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Friday, February 4, 2011


I missed a day. I'm gonna treat this like an intense work-out routine from Men's Health magazine and take a week off.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big Answers

Are you eating right?

Have you gotten enough sleep?

The most important thing I learned in college was that changing the answer to these two questons to yes's is the key to solving 90% of you problems. Every maternal figure in my life eventually asked me these questions when I came to them for help. This is some early stage badass advice. Pretty much, eating right and sleeping will stop you from crying, an important step in toughening up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sit Ski Inspiration

The high today is 1 degree and when I went out skiing it was 7 degrees but felt like negative 15. Very short day on the slopes. Since we are both still feeling sick, my boyfriend and I lazed around and watched some ski porn. It's not sexual and it ain't dirty. Ski porn is the local term for ski movies. Warren Miller's Dynasty had an amazing section on disabled skiers in the X games. There are dudes (and I would guess women, though they weren't shown) who sit-ski in X game competitions. They are sitting on a seat on a single ski, with two little skies on poles for their arms. I've seen some of this around the mountain here and it blows my mind. This type of skiing has become my new obsession, out fascinating even people who ski with babies. These are people who have lost the use of there legs but still are extremely active. They are really proving the no excuses way of life. One of the dudes has a great moment where he says, "My life is better than your vacation." Gotta love that attitude. To think I was mopping around the house because it's too cold out.