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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Routine Badass

Well, I really blew it on the blogging. Can't lie, I think about this baby often. I've written about 17 back in the game posts and hidden them away. The computer flips open, my determination flags, and with a quick snap of the wrist I'm back to ignoring this thing I love that haunts me. Oh, Becoming a Badass blog! What happened to us?

Here's the sad, sad truth. I got bored. Don't worry, the badassing has continued. I skied 109 days this winter. Been mountain biking like a champ. I've lost toe nails, gotten frost bite, been covered with bruises and bashes, and narrowly escaped breaking my ass. The thrill is gone, though. Thing is, I'm a badass now. Not professionally, not like some of the badasses I'm surrounded with, but generally, I'm pretty badass. Badass everyday, like part of a routine. I'm so bored with myself that I can't bring myself to tell you about it.

Damn! I've gone dry again. Here I am, sitting on a couch covered in the skin of a wild buffalo and I was about to flip the dang computer shut again. Put this post off to another day. NO! This post is going up.

Essentially, I'm working on the complete badass project right now: physical, mental, work, relationships, travel, family, love, food, religion. I'm on the hunt for something exciting to share. Right now, I'm stuck on a buffalo skin blanket. Gonna get on my bike and see if inspiration strikes. This ain't over.