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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Return of the Party Dress

Little over a month ago I bought a party dress. Then I went into panic over wether I should wear it to my staff party or not. I forgot to tell you guy I did! It was a huge hit. It also toured the town on New Years. I'm so in love with this party dress that I'm considering wearing it to every party. People will know it's a party when they see my party dress arrive. It's perfect, fun and if worn with tights hides all of my bruises. I like battle wounds, but let's face it, not pretty. For all of you who supported the party dress but didn't get to benefit from it's party making benefits, here is a picture.

Bonus! This dress is from the awesome line For Love and Lemons. A gem created by two badass Jackson girls, one of whom is modeling the dress. Fur trim is not included. I highly recommend checking them out. But don't wear this dress to a party I'm at cause then we will be wearing the same thing.

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  1. You are too cute, and I love your blog! I am sharing this post on our facebook page. Miss you, I am coming to visit before winter is over! xo