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Friday, July 24, 2009


Who's a badass?  

Someone who tries it.
Someone who goes further than they thought they were comfortable with.

Lot's of people in Jackson want to act like being in being the ultimate (skier, climber, etc) is what makes someone a badass, and that competing for that title is the only way to achieve badassness.  I've talked about my first attempt mountain biking and been scoffed at.  Incredible hair, driving stick shift, and making an incredible sandwich have all be seen as givens, not accomplishments.  Let's take a moment to remember, if you can do it and others can't then you will look like a badass.  

This adventure is about physical challenges, extreme sports, and manning off against nature but it's also about hair that gets free drinks, being able to drive a strangers porche, and sandwiches good enough to create a life long love.  

In conclusion, to all the haters, I would like to say:  Sorry for partying.  And partying in more ways than you even knew were possible.       

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  1. Just to say, from a long lost friend, I think your blog is fantastic. I tried to comment on it the other day when i started following it, but the internet connection at the library here is ridiculous. I'm studying for the bar exam in AR and so that's why i'm spending my summer in a library... yah. so, keep it up! I LOVE your first post. I actually read it to my friend who was feeling down about pulling through bar prep. You're hilarious and inspirational!

    and, i just might become a little more athletic (after next thursday at noon of course).