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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Whole Country of Guatemalie Should Require a Waver

I have been doing the most incredible bad-ass things on my travels here in Central America, but never have the time or opportunity to blog. Look forward to amazing stories about jumping off 40 foot waterfalls, 4 person planes out of Honduras with 5 people on them, climbing active volcanos and so much more. I have to go now before they yell at me in Spanish about a time limit on the computer. The only spanish I know so far is ¨Yo marania?¨ This is my on going joke where I ask Latinos if I look tan. Every one very seriously responds "no". Lost in translation, I guess. Thank you for your patients.

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  1. Maybe they did have a waver, or at least a sign for one, but it was probably in Spanish. And, while I know you are a pretty sharp tack, I can see you did not take too much time to observe your surroundings- the country you were staying in is actually spelled Guat-e-mala! I hate to be a picky Pete, but I just had to say something.

    This is a cool site. I am excited to read some of the entries further down the number line. Thanks for the hacky sack. The best part of getting a new one is breaking it in. The process is very cathartic and stress relieving, which is the perfect thing for me right now. Yay family....

    Happy Thanksgiving!