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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Viceless Day 61-84: Casually Being Viceless

For the past two weeks I've been keeping my Viceless life style very casual. I wanted to see what happened if I wasn't blogging or talking about it all the time. What if I just made small, discreet personal choices and didn't make a big deal about it. What happens if this is just how I live, not a project I'm undertaking?

In some ways, it's easy and natural. I'm just a person who says "no cheese" or "no, thank you" a lot. Overall, that's no big deal. Where things still get tricky is eating with groups. For instance, I was at a group gathering where they were ordering pizza and I had to ask for a salad to be ordered just for me. While everyone else ate pizza, I ate my salad. Kinda felt like an a-hole for some reason, but only for a few minutes and then the conversation picked up and the salad was forgotten. Also, eating out with a bunch of friends who all want to share food is still a sticky situation. I feel like the odd man out. I've been able to sidestep making a big deal out of my choices by not being too strict while eating at restaurants. I haven't officially cheated. I haven't eaten any big no-no but when out with groups, I'm not making a fuss if there is a little cream in a dish or sugar in a sauce. I'm leaning into being Viceless but I'm not freaking out about it. This way of living feels damn good. I'm not uptight. I can eat basically anywhere. I have my few low-glycemic treats like Cashewtopia ice cream for when I something special. I waste no time feeling bad either physically or emotionally about what I ate. Admittedly, it was  still very awkward watching my friends eat donuts while I sipped on my water the other night, but overall, being Viceless is no big deal if I don't make it a big deal.

So what happens at the end of the three months?

I haven't totally decided yet. I like knowing that I can go three months without alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy and caffeine. Each of those individually seems huge to me. Alcohol! I can socialize without it. Sugar! I can be happy without it. Gluten! I can not eat the bread. It's physically possible for me to sit at a table with a bread basket and not eat it. Dairy! Well, I found an ice cream substitute... Caffeine! I got through an incredibly intense school course without it.

Not sure yet how Viceless I will remain in the future but it feels damn good to know that I can have a great time without any of those things. I'm happy and productive. I very rarely feel guilty. My future choices are still unclear but I'm going to be making them with a whole new perspective.

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