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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The other day girls at my work were looking through US Weekly and wondering why Angelina Jolie always wears black.  Listen up world, cause I know.

1)  She's got a rediculous number of kids and one could spit up on her at any moment.  Black is the best camoflage to spittle.

2)  Lady's saving the world as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.  That leaves less time for assembling ensembles.

She throws on a black dress, knows she looks great, grabs a baby or two, and heads out to end world hunger.  The lesson here is if you want to get mad stuff done, you gotta simplify the essentials.  In honor of badassing, I'm simplifying.  But I'm only going to wear red cause I deal with a lot of ketchup at work and, lately, I bleed a lot.


  1. Actually Jess, black is the worst color to cover spit up - trust me on this one. You want to wear light colors and most of the time, that's ineffective as well.

  2. Ok. So, I was wrong about the baby spittle. She probably has a professional spittle remover along with manager, stylist, publicist, etc.