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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Since moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I've been faced with some humiliating conversations about my future. At this point in time, I'm a waitress at an after ski bar. People are always jealous/disapproving of this life choice. Finally, I got to have the conversation I always wanted. Here it is:

28-year-old-ish investment banker type: "Hey. So... You live here?"

me: "Um. Yep. And that's how I'm able to work here today and bring you beer."

28: "So, you're a ski bum?"

me: *small cough on my own saliva that now seems to be far too plentiful*

My mind took stock: 25, cocktail waitress, no prospects or concrete goals, no commitments, and about four days a week spent on the slopes. HOLY FUCK. I'm a ski bum. Two years ago, I didn't know how to ski, and now I'm a bum. I'm a person who has lost or given up everything. Apparently, I did this all to ski (and travel). How did this happen? Not a clue. I don't know if the future I'd thought I'd have, was taken from me by failure, or if I hopped onto a more rewarding path. I don't care, either.

me: "Yeah, Brah. I guess I am."

28: "So.... How is it? It looks kinda awesome."

me: "Are you fucking kidding me? Best decision of my life, ever."


  1. There must be some strong pull, either entertaining or addicting to bare witness to the direct social studies from behind the bar.

    > A friend has been a bartender for years, and loves it. She found her boyfriend there as a customer, and he took on a second job as her door man/bouncer just to spend more time with her. They are engaged and will marry this year.

    She purchased a mobile dog grooming van, and took classes but, has not been willing to take that leap into another line of occupation.

    >My cousin was always a cocktail waitress while living in Hawaii. Her Podiatrist encouraged to stop wearing platform shoes. She refused to work the restaurant/bar with out them, so she studied to be a massage therapist. She did well, but moved to the California mountains. She found herself back at the bar during snow days, and managing the massage table on sunny days. She just couldn't stay away.

    Own the space where you stand, at all times, where ever you are. That is where our real life is happening. Stay in the "Now".
    Allow all to envy your well chosen spot.

  2. I am envious. You're living the lifestyle of the Italians - pleasure for pleasure's sake and damn the rest. And yet, still I miss you. :)