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Friday, February 5, 2010

Even a Badass Cries

Out of no where, yesterday my friend told me a story about skiing with a totally badass chick who does lots of heli-skiing or something. I guess this girl was hucking (skiing off) cliffs and badassing around. My badass-in-many-ways-but-not-so-much-extreme-skiing friend was giving the girl massive props. "Damn, girl. You are so fucking tough and badass."

The girl had been telling stories of injuries and adventures. Her response: "Yeah, but I still cry."

I don't really know the whole story. Bits and pieces were told to me at a keg party. Brings me comfort to know that even badass's cry too. So, to reference my last blog, maybe crying doesn't suck that bad. Maybe, just letting the crying stop you from continuing sucks.

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