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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Ski Bunny is Back

My ski boots have been adjusted, and while my deformity is still bringing me pain, I skied today and yesterday. What can I say? Today was a powder day, meaning fresh snow, and what kind of ski bum would I be if I let a calcium deposit that looks like a bone deformity keep me from the hill?

For my bravery and dedication, God game me two gifts today. I got some fresh tracks in powder, which feels like gliding over butter, and a bit like flying. Plus, I got to cockily pass a group of four dudes to go through some rough terrain. They were all, "Oh, sorry. Let us get out of your way." I was all, "Why thank you gentlemen. I would wait, but I have a devotion to the freshies. That's short for fresh snow. Laters, boys."

Really, I just passed them with a smile, but they knew. They could see, I'm a badass skier, even if only in the eyes of some lost out-of-towners.

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  1. Kicking fresh now is a sweet, sweet thing. I had an opportunity to break into a fresh batch of powder early in the morning on the back bowls at Vail a couple years ago and I still remember how fantastically awesome it was. You could almost imagine, for a little while, that you were just letting loose in the wilds, rather than on prescribed trails. :) Keep on keepin' on, girl! And stay safe!