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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jessica Fierce

Since I was feeling a little homely last night, I've decided to spend this morning wearing heels and creating my own ultra-ego. Beyonce says she has an alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. That's the side of her that gets on stage and shakes it. I'm still thinking of names for my ultra-ego. I'm going ultra instead of alter cause in everyday life I like to shake it.

possible name choices so far: Jessica Rabbit
Zsa Zsa
Dang. This is hard.

Listen people, I'm going for something fierce, fun, and not strippery. Suggestions?

Ok. I'm gonna go do my hair and practice dancing in heels. It be a shame if an emergency dance situation came up and I couldn't shake it just because of my shoes. Practice is important.

1 comment:

  1. Mine is Jenevieve! Good Luck finding one, I like Zsa Zsa or Jaya J -means Warrior.