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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bikini Season Preparation Meditation

Here we are, in the height of bikini season and I have once again been struck down by body fear.  This weekend I'm going to be on a boat with many hot babes and many cameras to document the situation.  And while I feel this phrase should be struck from the English language and only beauty should be focused on and celebrated, I have to admit, I feel fat.  Ok.  I said it.

Now, I can't drastically change my body in a day and a half but I can change my mind and feelings.  This is a meditation I did with a group of girls at the beginning of the summer.  If you can, gather a posse and have one person read aloud as you all sit quietly, listening and focusing.  More likely, you will need to read this to your self while breathing steadily and letting the words shift your brain synapses.  Before settling in to meditate, it is always nice to do some light stretching.  This helps calm the body and I personally believe puts you in a good head space for positive change.  Look at you!  You are a person who stretches.  You are the best.  Get my point?  Breath in slowly and as you exhale repeat the lines of meditation to yourself.

Bikini Season Preparation Meditation

Breath in and feel your body.  Bring your breath into every part of your body.
Consciously send love to every part of your body with your breath.

Breath in, allowing the breath to fill your legs, sending gratitude through your body for every action your body enables you to take.

Breath in, accept the beauty of your body.  It may not be what your mind thinks it should be, but it is incredibly beautiful.  A wonder.

Take this moment to make a promise to your body.

Breath in.  Body, I will treat you with love and respect.  I will enjoy feeding you.  I will enjoy living in you.  I will enjoy playing in you.

Breath in,  I enjoy taking care of my beautiful and powerful body.

Breath in, I will spend time in the sun enjoying the feel of warm rays on my body.

Breath in, I will enjoy the feel of the wind on my skin.

Breath in, I promise to look for the beauty of my body.

Breath in, I promise to appreciate my body.

Now, go about your day but if you find yourself searching for visible cellulite on yourself or others while soaking up the summer sun, readjust.  What is beautiful?  What feels good?  Keep adjusting your mind and eventually, your mind with be re-adjusted to beauty.

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