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Monday, August 13, 2012

Badass and Clint Eastwood Cool: It's a Mind Thing

The older I get, the more I realize nothing comes naturally.  The only natural is gravity. Aka: downward spiral.  You know all those skinny bitches and obscenely successful 26-year-olds?  Chances are they are working their tails off.  It's not a metabolism or luck.  It's controlled eating and a butt load of hard work.  Trust me.  I've gotten close enough to these people to ask them these really awkward questions.  

That being said, I'd like to talk about crazy bitches.  Crazy Bitch is a disease that affects every woman I know.  It seems to be chronic, although, the side effects vary with monthly cycle, stress, and many variable factors.  I am the craziest bitch I know, and I'm sure of  this because I am inside my own mind.  If I had full access to your mind, I might think you won the gold for crazy.  I'm not super skinny or obscenely successful but I've come the the logical conclusion that peace of mind and stability take the same kind of work that must be applied to bodies and careers.  When left unattended the mind with go to pot, just like a body fed candy on the couch.

What is the solution to a flabby, negative mind?  Meditation, positive affirmations, and prayer.  These are the same as cardio, weights, and healthy eating for the body.  Just like anything that is good for you, you have to find a way to make it fun.  You can only torture yourself for so long.  You can get addicted to fun forever.  I'm addicted to biking, skiing, hiking, and Quinoa.  Why not get addicted to a clear mind and positive thoughts?

From now on, this blog is not just about adventures of the body, but also about the taming the mind.  The classic badass is not only a superhero of actions, but a clam, straight-shooter.  Let the adventure continue!

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