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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to Life

The ski season is over. Yesterday, was the final day of skiing, my 55th day this year. With the closing of the mountain comes the closing of my job for about two months. The town of Jackson goes into a type of hibernation during the off-season. Spring is slow coming. It's snowing and grey today. With the ski mountain closed there is no reason for tourist to come here. With the murky weather and no tourist for people to make money off of there is no reason for anyone to stay here. Most of the people I know are preparing to take off for an exotic adventure or at least a road trip, if they haven't already. I've decided to stay here this off-season. I thought, I'll read, write, catch up on TV, enjoy the quiet. Today, though, I just miss the rush of skiing. This couch is not doing it for me the way my skis have started to do it for me. I don't want to sit. I don't want to relax. Seems I've underestimated the depth of my badass habits.

Guess I'll have to get my thrills by reminiscing about my season with you folks. Oh, the good old days, filled with babies strapped to peoples back when they skied and snot rockets. More to come. Right now, however, I'm working on, and this is not an exaggeration, twelve loads of laundry. I've let some domestic duties fall bay the wayside. Skiing is just so much more fun. Will I ever be able to just live a simple life again? 90210 is on and I don't care. Jackson, what have you done to me?

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