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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Are you gonna let a couple of old ladies show you up?

Think you can't get your dream job? Aren't qualified? Too old? Too young? Too female? Too male? Too late?

In 1937 two women in their forties traveled around the US apply for jobs. With every job, they focused on SHOWING THE EMPLOYER how their skills could get the employer MORE CUSTOMERS AND PROFIT. They were offered over 100 positions.

We are talking two old ladies in 1930's standards. And at a time when ladies barely help important jobs, let alone old ladies.

They wanted to prove that no matter what you think your handicap is, their's being women over 40 in the 1930's, you can still get the job you want. You just have to present yourself correctly. Show the employer how your strengths and skills can help their company.

They wrote a popular guide to job hunting in 1937 called We are Forty and We Did Get Jobs.

Hats off to Clara Belle Thompson and Margaret Lukes Wise. OG badasses!

Want are you let stand in your way? What strengths do you have to focus on instead?

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