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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every everyday? This is crazy. Why would I commit to blogging everyday? This is like the times I've tried to give up candy. I can't do it! Every few weeks I say, from now on, I'm putting my clothes away. There will be no piles of clothes in my life. And then one shirt gets left out, acting as a magnet for all the other clothing. Actually, this is a lot like the past times I've promised myself that I was going to start blogging everyday. Any time more than two blogs have happened consecutively, that is the product of a promise about to be broken.

But here I am. Something is down. This is one more day of doing what I said. Which brings me back to how this whole life style started. Being tired of feeling fat, lazy, and uncoordinated, I made a commitment to myself. I would try to do something everyday: a walk, a run, a dance, or even crawling across the floor. Just something. Hilariously, I still pitch this to people. I tell my parents just do something. A seven minute walk is better than no walk. Six sit-ups are better than five. Keep trying. It's actually worked. So here is me doing something, anything, everyday.

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