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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Oh, man. There is so much I want to tell stories about. I have lists right now: history,money, age, competition, finding the groove, spirituality, death, risk. There is a 400 page tragi-comic-documentary inside my mind right now, but I'm too fricken exhausted to write it. This is my 41st day skiing this season. The little muscles holding the big muscles together are screaming, "What happened to tv and shopping?!?!" So, I'll just give you the good news and bad news.

Bad news 1st: I am losing the time skiing competition with my boyfriend still. Bad. Real Bad.
I scratched my face on a branch today. Body bruising is one thing, but this is my face!
I keep having to come up with complecated formulas for why I am a badass compared to the people I know based
on years of experience, height, thigh circumfrence. I shout the excuses at people and they say, "No. You're just
a whiney, little bitch."

Good news: There is a hike at the mountain (this means in ski boots, carrying your skis and poles), in bounds, that should take about 10 to 15 minutes. The Hike is pretty popular and at certain times it looks like a trail of hard-bodied, athletic ants are climbing the thing. I can do the hike, but my greatest fear is a line of kick-ass bro/bras behind me telling me to get out the way. Today, I hiked the thing. No one passed me! I actually passed one person. True, he was a 60-year-old tourist. Who cares? He moved over for ME to pass HIM. Excellent.

Ok. I'm gonna go submerge my body in ice and hot tub. Forgive me little muscles.


  1. i love shopping and tv but at most times feel guilty. tell me im not a bad person? you amaze me like sex and the city meets bear grylls.

  2. If you post a picture of your scarface, I think it would show that you have arrived at badass.

  3. This "hike" sounds like a living hell. I have a new workout routine for 2011 ... I don't use a cart at the liquor store. If I want it, I have to carry it.
    Sometimes I pump the bottles above my head to mix in some aerobic effect.
    I think you're already a badass!