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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Single Vote for the Gym

Ain't nothing sexy about skiing. Snot is running down your wind chapped face. You are wearing 14 layers of clothing, none of which are flattering. The only tan you might get is in the shape of goggles on your cheeks. You walk like the terminator because of the ski boots. I think this may be the reason hot tubbing is so popular post skiing. Sure, it's good for the achy muscles, but really, people just need to do something very sexy to off-set the complete un-sexiness of the day. So, to all you out there who don't get the excitement of the great outdoors, trudging away on a treadmill, feel good that there are Kleenex for you to blow your nose on, you've got a sweaty glow, and I bet your butt looks great in those pants.

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