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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viceless Day 1: Will anyone like me?

Day 1 May 4th:

Woke early to find a co-workers text telling me he needs me to be somewhere in half an hour. Not happy. In my frustration I immediately want candy. A smoothie is going to have to do.

Out later after a big bike ride through the rain to Dornan's and I have to tell my good friend that not only am I now a picky eater but I won't be having a celebratory drink. I'm actually afraid of losing all of my friends because of my not drinking. Isn't that kinda sad? Luckily, my friend is awesome and we have a blast anyway.

Evening home with my fiance when I would definitely be drinking. We go on a walk and I'm still playful. We have fun and enjoy cloud watching.

Breaking the usual habits is hard. There is a lot of saying no to drinks or food and I do feel like a buzz kill. Maybe if I up my fun attitude I don't have to up my drinking. We'll see. This is an experiment after all. Gotta say, it's great ending meals and not feeling guilty. It was also great driving home from my friends house and not worrying about the fact that I've had a drink or two earlier.

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