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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Viceless Day 19, 20, 21: Gabrielle Bernstein and Leaning Toward Health

Day 19 and 20:
I took a road trip to the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. Normally I see road trips as a great time to break the rules about healthy eating. Food options are limited so why not just eat fast food, gummy candy and doritos?

Ummm... because my health never stops and I don't want to feel like crap. So, I utilized a skill that I've been developing hardcore: planning ahead. This skill will revolutionize your life! Yes, it seems obvious but almost any time you say, "I can't," what you probably mean is, "I could have if I planned ahead but  didn't." A cooler packed with veggies, hummus, frittata and other healthy options made for great snacking. When my stud of a man was ordering a cheese burger with tater tots from a country store, I can't say my nostrils didn't flare to take in more of the greasy goodness. I managed to buy myself a gas station treat of my own that was Viceless approved. Plain corn nuts! I think they were the only snack that didn't contain sugar in the entire store. It took a lot of label reading. The corn nuts with a coconut water that was also for purchase and I had my own version of a road trip treat.

As my man slumped from the delicious gut-bomb of grease, I felt perky as a bird and ready to meet some mentors at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. What I'm finding from this challenge is that I don't so much feel amazing as I just never feel bad. I feel steadily good, clear and strong. That seems worth some pre-planning.

Day 21:
Gabrielle Bernstein has been a huge influence on my life. She is a spiritual coach, speaker and author who breaks everything down in a palatable and modern way. I originally went to the Sun Valley Wellness Festival last year specifically to hear her speak. While there I discovered so many other incredible speakers but Gabby is still my main motivation for driving the 5 hours again this year. 

I had the opportunity to ask this ass-kicker of a woman why what she eats is so important to her and how she manages to stay healthy while touring the country and maintain a hectic schedule. She answered that she, "leans toward" vegan and brings a lot of snacks like apples and almond butter with her. She eats grass fed meat occasionally and will sometimes have treats made with maple syrup or other natural sweetener. What a brilliant way to live! I'm leaning toward sober. I'm leaning toward gluten free. I'm leaning toward a life without TV. 

Life isn't perfect, predictable or strict. Lean toward what you want and accept some deviation on the way. I ate out last night, a romantic dinner with my love. We ate at Boca which is a bright and delicious restaurant in Ketchum. We walked into find a big table of speakers from the festival eating there as well. I took it as an auspicious sign. Now everyday, I'm heavily leaning toward dairy free but I have accepted that while eating out there will occasionally be butter in my food. I don't order dishes with obvious dairy but butter is everywhere. Eating out at a restaurant that isn't labeled as health food is mighty tricky if you aren't eating gluten, sugar or dairy. I chose to lean toward Viceless and didn't order a plain protein over olive oil sauteed veggies. Honestly, I could tell that the butter weighed me down after the meal and I'm motivated to not have that feeling again. More requests for olive oil or light butter are in my future. Still,  I'm ordering the lightest dishes on the menu. I'm eating way more veggies. I had a delicious mocktail made with fresh muddled fruit and even a salt rim. I'm maintain huge changes in my life but perfection isn't one of them. Life is good and I'm leaning in. 

What changes could you "lean toward" this week? What have you been wanting to change in your life but the thought of the absolute has been scaring you off? If you gave up perfection, what could you take on? Tell me in the comments. 

Love you badasses. Off to another great day at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. 

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