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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Viceless Day 11: Finding My Tribe, Dammit They're Sober

During my depression over not having a career my good friend Eddie asked, "Is there a person you admire that you want to be friends with or a group you envy being a part of?" There just wasn't anyone. I'm surrounded by really awesome people here in Jackson Hole, but none that spoke directly to my soul when it came to career. Now, everyday I find more inspirations in my own back yard but at the time no one was fitting my specific soul call.

While visiting my sister in Atlanta, I came across a book in her office, Add More Ing To Your Life: A hip guide to happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein. This looks kinda cheesy and dumb, was my first thought. I brought the book out to my sister in the kitchen.

I asked, "What's this?"
"Oh, some bullshit Carline gave me. Actually, the author's kind-of the same type of annoying as you. You know, very rah, rah, you can do it! You can have that book," she dismissed.

That semi-insulting conversation was how I discovered my new group of role models.

Gabrielle Bernstein: Spiritual coach
Marie Forleo: Business coach
Kris Carr: Health coach
Danielle LaPorte: Passion coach

My soul was sparked. I have found my people. Beautiful, wacky women on a mission. Entreprenuers-EEKKK!!! Wasn't hoping to find that word. Entreprenuer. Hmmm.... Guess I might as well stick that word in with the other descriptors I've been unable to shake, like creative and artist.

Jessica Zelenko: Badass coach

To make matters worse, 2 out of 4 of my new role models are definetly sober and 3 out of 4 are vegans.  This is a big inspiration behind the beginning of Viceless. As Gabby Bernstien says, "If you want what someone has, do what they do." Vegan isn't on my list, but I'll try out sober.

Another big motivation is my anti-role models. I've seen where a life swathed in the comfort of vices often leads. I see people sitting on the couch all day smoking pot, talking about what should be done but not doing anything. I constantly see work that needs to be done, decisions that need to be made, chances that need to be taken that instead become a cocktail consumed and no progress. I see lives stuck in comfort and habits becoming lifestyles. That's not what I want to focus on now though. What I don't want isn't nearly as important as what I do want.

I'm following my wants and becoming a life coach who helps others lead lives that they are extremely proud of when they die. I want a career that makes my world and the whole world better. I want to stop hiding and start kicking more ass for pay so that I have more to give. I want to meet my role models, say thanks, and eventually become someone else's role model. Cheers to another day of trying.

Who do you admire? I'd love to hear about your role models and inspiration in the comments.

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