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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Viceless Day 13, 14, 15: I Cheated

So, turns out I ate about a half a cup of butter when I went out to dinner at Trio the other night. I thought my salad was dairy-free and I was wrong. Boom. Dairy bomb. To be honest, I felt fine.

Next, I had to taste and give notes on nine different glasses of wine as I trained a woman for the restaurant job I am soon leaving. This is an unavoidable part of my job that will be ending in a week. In total I consumed less than a fourth of a glass of wine but still... boom. Alcohol bomb. I still felt fine.

Last night, after a long day of working on my life coaching business, my fiance woke me from an evening nap to tell me we needed to leave in 45 minutes to go the the Roller Derby. Bleary eyed, I came to grips with the situation and snacked on the way to the derby. I didn't snack enough though and ended up buying a rice bowl with spicy pork at the derby. I chose the healthiest option I could. I didn't ask because I was buying food at an arena but let's face it, that sauce had sugar in it. I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

Am I perfect as I execute this new challenge? No. Did I ever expect myself to be? No. Is this a cleanse? No. I'm giving up my vices so that I can be happier and more productive. I feel better than fine.

This is a new challenge for me and as with anything new, there will be success's and failures on the path of learning. Overall, my lifestyle and eating have dramatically changed over the past two weeks. I have no where to hide and I'm getting more done than ever. Also, I'm being forced to question what's in what I'm eating, something I'm not comfortable with because I don't like to be fussy. My emotions don't want to ask but logically, shouldn't we all have the right to know what exactly it is that we are eating? This is a discomfort I need to get over and that's what I love about my challenge. It's in the discomfort that I know I'm growing. This was the whole point! I'm doing this to push myself out of my comfort zone and instigate change in my life. Eating whatever, whenever is comfortable. Watching TV alone is really comfy. An alcoholic beverage make everything more cozy. Take those away, I'm uncomfortable but damn am I productive and growing.

I knew there would be failures, readjustments and a learning curve when I took on being viceless. I'm comfortable with my cheating and failures. I expect them to decrease with time and I anticipate my goals will shift around the reality of the situations I find myself in. This flexibility is required in life. Failure is a part of all learning and growth, so it's definitely a key component of Becoming a Badass.

I'd love to hear in the comments where you push yourself beyond your comfort zone and how it's improved your life. Love you badasses.


  1. If this is cheating, you are a saint! ;) Way to go - in the how and why of "cheating" and in this great post! Butter isn't really like dairy in how it affects the body (its only got a fraction of milk protein in it), and the reasoning behind that ever so slight wine and sugar consumption were actually totally viceless because you weren't drinking to cut loose or eating sugar because you gave in. But regardless, this isn't a failure because like you said, you're learning and growing - and you're only getting better at your goals of happiness, productivity and badassness. You are such an inspiration and your approach to all this is really helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Kiah love! Yeah, I stayed true to my goal. It's great to more clearly define what my goal is every day. This isn't about just food or TV, but rather about treating my body well and spending my time wisely.