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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viceless Day 4: My vices are calling me and I want to answer

7:30 am
Woke up pretty chipper. Just wish making a green juice was as easy as eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Clean up is a pain but I guess less of a pain than unhealthy habits in the long run. Why does health always seem to have the initial stubble with the long-term rewards and bad habits always give immediate satisfaction with long-term detriments? God, I don't understand your plan.

1:30 pm
I just really, really want to watch TV. I can't believe this addiction is so strong! Despite the craving I've gotten tons of work done today and that feels good. Also, not feeling guilty about what I've eaten or having spent my time in front of a TV feels really, really good. I'm starting to realize how much of my time was being spent feeling guilty. Guilt sucks! I guess I'll go for a walk outside to get away from this tempting TV mistress.

11:30 pm
Ohhh, man! I wanted to eat so much food at work. I'm slicing bread and bringing some truly delicious food to tables. The smell of creme brûlée as I took it to a table was so hard to handle. Freshly hardened sugar with fresh orange zest on top, you are killing me. Let me drink a coke and eat some creamy asparagus bisque please!!!! Ok. That was hard but now I'm home and going to bed guilt free and that is a great feeling.

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