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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viceless Day 2: Facing the Hounds

Day 2 May 5th

Ugh... I have to go to work at my restaurant job tonight. I'm dreading the reaction of my co-workers to my new lifestyle challenge/change. I've done two cleanses in the past which really, really seems to bother chefs. I get it. Their whole job is based around food. They are sensitive to peoples food decisions. When making a diet or lifestyle change people always say, "Oh, no one cares what you do." I find that to be completely untrue. Most people, strangely discounting the people who are closest to me, have a very strong opinion about my changes and want to voice them. I know when I go into work, we will sit down for the group meal provided for us at the beginning of the shift and I will need to field opinions.

As predicted, my lifestyle challenge/change created quite a stir at my work. No alcohol! No sugar! No gluten! My boss, who is a chef and restaurant owner, looked me directly in the eyes and said, "That is so stupid." Now, that's a direct opinion. It's tricky navigating work relationships. To explain why I want to make this change is to expose my vulnerability. Me no likey.

We all go through life with the general goal of looking like we've got our shiz together. It's a noble goal but what about when something in your life isn't working and you have to make a big change? I have to admit that crap food, TV, and alcohol are interfering with my goals. I'm building a life coaching business because it brings me happiness and fulfillment. Without this goal I feel like a lost loser. I constantly need to be learning new skills which make me really happy but also stressed. I wake up and can list 20 things I wish I had time to do when I likely only have time for three of the things. Learning to deal with new stresses and challenges that are a natural part of building a business and making a career change. My first instinct though is always to run and hide. I run to the couch and hide behind food and alcohol. So those things need to go. I'm trapped in a safety net of my own making so I've decided to abolish the safety net.

Hopefully, that is what came across as I explained why I am taking on this experiment. Some of my co-workers agreed that this is the way all people should eat and live. Most just couldn't imagine a world without alcohol. To be honest, I have a hard time imagining it too but there is only one way to find out. I can imagine a life without hangovers and that seems amazing. I made it through my big announcement, which by the way, I wish I could not announce and just subtly do but that isn't possible at my workplace. Now, surprisingly, I'm going to bed. Usually, I stay up after work for about an hour and a half decompressing with food and drink but I'm tired and ready for sleep.

Any of you have habits you would like to give up in the pursuit of a higher goal? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for reading.


  1. One year on New Year's Eve I gave up chocolate and sex. The chocolate cause I was allergic to it and and every time I ate it I got hives. The sex because I kept going back to this boy who I loved but didn't love me. That was the year I moved out West, partly for adventure and self-discovery, partly to escape my crazy family, but honestly, partly to get away from the temptation of that guy. My resolutions didn't last the whole year, but they worked: Probably because I avoided it for so long, I'm no longer allergic to chocolate. Probably because I gave up the casual (for him) sex, I'm married to a wonderful guy who loves me back.

  2. OMG! Thank God I already have a great man and don't have to give up sex!